Friday, August 30, 2013

Don't be late for the game...

'Late for the Kick-Off'  16" x 16" Acrylic/Panel

Thanks to Rider's Organization

A big thanks to Ryan Whippler.  We met at Mosaic Stadium today and he set me up for stadium wide documentation at the 'Labour Day Classic'.  Ryan is the Head of Communications for the Saskatchewan Roughriders, a very busy guy at this time of year.  Turns out that we are both history buffs, so I was telling him about one of my favourite shots from the City of Regina Archives...

Thursday, August 29, 2013

I got my tickets!

It's a little nerve wracking trying to find tickets to the labour day classic.  Sold out! Ticket ads posted on kjiji weeks in advance.  Texts go back and forth, tickets advertised 1 hour earlier disappear (although the ads are still lingering in cyberspace).  Our tickets come from a guy in Calgary, he's a season ticket holder.

Why can't he make the game, I didn't ask, but speculate- work, life, family obligation.  What makes a season ticket holder give up his ticket to the classic?  He transfers the tickets to me, trusting that I'll put a check in the mail.

You can tell he's excited about the game, he forwards an email ad for the 'Riderville Labour Day Caberet', 'you might be interested' he types.  I imagine he'll be thinking about us on the day of the game, from wherever he is watching the pale TV translation.

'Game Day'  11" x 14", Acrylic/Panel